A downloadable game for Windows

Syndicalist Simulator For #BBQGAMEJAM 2016 Made With Unity And some assets (props/buildings) was very short on time for this year edition.

I recorded this video alone so Some player are inactiv ....

The game is played by 4 players in split screen mode, 3 of them are syndicalist and try to get more people to their syndicat.

Syndicalist can "catch" people while "talking" to them by send some keycode sequences.

The 4th player is a police man and has the ability to spread crowd of people.

After 90 secondes the player who has the maxium of people in is team win the game

Knows issues:
-Some weird bug with controller not recognized in the good order.


Install instructions

Sometimes xbox360 controller are not recognized well ...


Syndicalist Simulator.zip 61 MB